Aims and objectives of INICO

The purpose of the University Institute for Community Integration is to carry out research, specialized training and consulting aimed at fostering, facilitating and improving the quality of life of people who are at a social disadvantage in different contexts throughout the course of their lives: persons with a physical, mental or sensory disability, as well as persons suffering from chronic illness or mental illness, persons from minorities or the underprivileged.

The Governing Board of the University of Salamanca approved the application for the creation of the Institute on 25 July, 1996, and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Autonomous Regional Government of Castile & Leon approved the creation of the Institute on 26 September, 1997 (Decree 181/1997, Official Bulletin of the Castile & Leon, 26 September).

The objectives of INICO are:

1. Significantly increase and consolidate different lines of front-line research on both the national and international levels relating to persons with a disability and other socially underprivileged groups, in different contexts: work, education, social and health.   

2. Consolidate specialized post-graduate training for researchers and professionals in the area of disabilities, as well as facilitate the development of new training plans adapted to the changing needs of services.

3. Foster interdisciplinary collaboration in joint research and specialized training activities with Departments, Centres, and Research Institutes in different countries of the EU and Latin America.     

4. Cover and respond to the needs and demands for expert advice, both in public institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations.

5. Evaluate and support the development of specific assistential activities and innovative support programmes, at both the individual and family level if the situation so requires.